Production process

The production layout in both plants is designed to minimise indirect times from the movement of materials to the finished product with well identified process areas throughout the cycle.

Each work station is equipped with a tower to detect times but also for loading/unloading of the materials used in a work order by reading a barcode. The progress of a job, like the warehouse itself, is managed in a timely manner.

The carpentry is equipped with automatic laser cutting with automated sheet metal storage, press-bending machines with 5-axis control, 8 welding stations and a system for the treatment of sheet metal and therefore cutting-edge painting.
The machinery for the creation of the windings is a new construction with the possibility of remote control, synonymous with precision, quality and speed. The systems for degassing of the oil for impregnating of the windings or of the active part of the transformer under vacuum are automatedand computer-controlled.

Nothing is left to chance in an industrial perspective.

Verification tests, measurements and trials

The test room is equipped with instrumentation calibrated and certified in external laboratories.
EBG is able to perform all routine tests internally: group and polarity measurement, ratio test, induced and applied insulation test, loss and no-load current measurement, short-circuit loss and short-circuit impedance measurement, partial discharges both for the oil product and for the dry product. We are also able to perform type and special tests: impulse test, thermal test, noise test, Tan Delta, resonance, capacity measurement and homopolar impedance type tests, SFRA.

In the area used for performing the measurements and tests, all the checks necessary for certification with the external body of the product for a particular application, for a special installation or to meet the regulations of the country of destination can be carried out.