Medium and low voltage impregnated or encapsulated windings

The consolidated experience in the production of resin transformers and the remarkable quality acquired has allowed the marketing, in addition to the complete transformer, also of low and medium voltage impregnated or encapsulated coils. The design for creation of the core can be provided by EBG or on the customer’s indications. This allows us to guarantee a reduction in transportation, import and construction costs of the transformer on site in distant countries.

The low and medium voltage windings are made with copper or aluminium conductor up to 52kV class.
The low voltage coils are made in sheets with shaped and suitably welded output plates along the entire length of the sheet and are impregnated with class H resins in an autoclave. The medium voltage windings are in wire or strip form according to the currents of the windings and are filled on a mold with epoxy resin in class F.  EBG is also able to create multi-voltage windings or windings with specific characteristics required by the customer. The value of partial discharges on the whole range of resin products is less than 5 pC.

Upon request EBG also supplies low and medium voltage windings provided with the assembly kit complete with plugs and press rubbers, star centre plate, medium voltage windings connection, probes and box for temperature measurement and other items on EBG design or project of the customer.