The coating plant has been upgraded

New quality standards and new investments for maximum quality even in this production phase

As is well known, EBG has an in-house steelwork for the production of profiles, core clamps, trucks, panels, boxes and tanks for oil filled transformers. We have already explained the reasons why we decided to produce this kind of semi-processed product in-house, unlike our competitors who outsource them. We firmly believe that one of the most important reasons is having the ability to guarantee high quality levels, not simply in the use of strong materials suited to special applications such as low temperatures or high standard welding by expert personnel, but above all, for coating that meets the resistance criteria according to ISO 12944 for category C3 and C4 up to C5M. The coating system must obviously guarantee the correct binding of the paint in a uniform manner with an even thickness all over. Based on the type of semi-processed product, one or both coating methods are used in a continuous cycle. To guarantee different categories of corrosivity and therefore, different thicknesses, one, two or three coats of primer must be applied, followed by the same number of coats of paint, without ever halting the process. The primer and paint can be epoxy, acrylic or polyurethane or a combination of them all, but it is essential that they are suitable for being used together.

In 2018, the in-house coating plant, which was already able to guarantee excellent standards, was further upgraded. Water-based paints have made considerable advances over the last ten years, but unfortunately, not enough for to warrant their use in aggressive environments with high levels of condensate and pollution. And if on the one hand, respect for the environment is our priority, on the other, we cannot allow this to jeopardise the resistance of the coating on metal materials. So, the winning compromise was achieved by adding a new phase to the coating cycle and using one cabin for a single-component, high-resistance primer, followed by a water-based paint finish. To cut the coating process times down to a minimum, the plant was also upgraded by adding a new continuous cycle oven as the boxes pass from the washing to the coating stations, the latter of which have been divided into two types: flow-coating and airless.

Lastly, EBG periodically sends painted samples to certified laboratories to carry out salt mist corrosion tests according to the criteria of UNI EN ISO 9227, as a further guarantee of the quality of this stage of the production process.