Oil tank and protection housing with desired IP

The tank of transformers and reactors in oil can be of the elastic fins type (hermetic solution) or with radiators. In this second case, for the expansion of the oil, the tank is equipped with a conservator or an air or nitrogen cushion can be provided. The tanks are made of pickled sheet metal, appropriately sandblasted and painted with mono- and bi-component epoxy and acrylic, solvent or water-based paints. We are able to guarantee for all our production the RAL and the desired paint class based on the installation location from C3M (indoor installation) to C5X (offshore installation). The design used fully complies with the regulations of the country of destination.

The dry transformers and reactors can be equipped with a protection box according to the desired IP.  EBG has three types of box according to customer specifications. The box can be equipped with a load-bearing structure in sheet metal or aluminium profile on which to assemble the panels or it can be made with the same self-supporting panels. IPXX is guaranteed by the use of standardised grids from IP21 up to IP43. For higher IP the box is completely closed and sealed by means of suitable gaskets.