Qualità e ambiente

Quality, environment and safety

EBG is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and will soon be ISO 45001-certified.

All the production is carried out in observance of a scrupulous control of the incoming materials, process controls in the production cycle and final testing of the product. Each phase of the process, from the design to creation of the product, is carried out with respect for the environment and respect for people with the utmost attention and the highest standards for safety in the production areas.
The company uses an Organisational Model according to Italian Legislative Decree 231 and a Supervisory Body that performs a quarterly Audit.

Each corporate figure of the organisational structure operates respecting and in compliance with an ethical code, developed and personalised for the good cooperation of personnel.


EBG produces standard, but above all special transformers and reactors, customised according to customer requirements. For particular installations and applications, the product must be verified and certified by an external body which, by carrying out the appropriate checks on the process, from receipt of the material to production of the semi-finished products, certifies its compliance with the final testing at our measurement and testing laboratory. All our production is internally verified with a test in our test room equipped with instruments certified by external laboratories. We are able to perform all routine tests, type tests such as thermal and impulse testing, and special tests such as noise, magnetic field verification, capacity measurement, SFRA, Tan Delta measurements, homopolar impedance, etc.

EBG has various product certifications for special applications and installations such as: offshore/onshore ship, port, oil platforms (RINA, Lloyd Register, DNV, Bureau Veritas, others); mines with different IPs up to IP54 and IP55 (TUV) and according to specific specifications; seismic up to 1g or 7.3 on the Richter scale or X on the Mercalli scale (GOST, IEEE); for explosive environments (ATEX); eolic for ground or tower applications where vibrations are particularly severe (Gamesa/Siemens).