Magnetic Core

The magnetic core of the EBG transformers is built with high quality magnetic sheeting, grain-oriented with high magnetic permeability and specific losses isolated on both sides by a thin inorganic material (Carlyte). The cut and composition are of the 45° type with interleaved joints using the “Step-Lap” method in order to reduce the no-load losses, the no-load current and the noise of the transformer.

To guarantee extremely low vacuum losses, the core used is of the amorphous type. In this case the design used is extremely special. The number of steps and the induction value are optimised according to the transformer power. Tightening is obtained by suitably sized steel profiles capable of guaranteeing strength and stillness suitable for all transportation stresses and electrodynamic stresses.

In case of limited spaces, we are able to supply the product scaled down and designed specifically for the particular needs of the customer.