Protection housing from IP20 up to IP54

EBG can supply two different types of housings with customised solutions for different indoor and outdoor applications and installations. These types of housing guarantee the desired IP (IP00 – IP54), but also the highest resistance to corrosion and severe weather conditions, such as installations at temperatures below zero and snow load or using the transformer housing in the desert at ambient temperatures above 50°C with sand.

Each housing is described in full compliance with regulations, with special attention to every construction detail. Furthermore, specific measures ensure easier and faster maintenance: dismantling panels to view the transformer can be performed by quickly mounting and removing the screws. Last but not least, the housings can be equipped with locked doors and any other accessories required may be provided based on EBG vision of providing highly customised products if necessary.

The new series of housings is another highlight of the new EBG in-house Steelwork Facility: it was established two years ago and guarantees the company maximum flexibility in the production cycle, as it makes it independent from external suppliers and therefore able to operate with short production times. The Steelwork Facility – one of three on which GBE operates – is a 3.000 square meter plant, equipped with advanced technologies that guarantee the production, processing and finishing of all the steelwork used for the transformers and reactors manufacture.