Oil transformers

Oil filled transformers

EBG manufactures oil isolated distribution transformers and special transformers from 50 kVA up to 10.000 kVA for all voltage classes up to 145kV (BIL 650). All production is internal, from the tank containing the isolating liquid made with waves or radiators to the final assembly and testing.

The carpentry is separated from the other production areas to avoid contamination problems. It is equipped with automatic laser cutting with automated sheet storage, press-bending machines with 5-axis control, 8 welding stations, a sandblasting cabin for the treatment of the sheet metal and therefore a state-of-the-art painting system with washing, phosphorus greasing, drying and flow-coating and airless system based on the desired class from C3 for indoor installation and up to C5X for offshore applications.
The machines for making the windings are newly built and remotely controlled, therefore synonymous with precision, quality and speed.

The primary and secondary windings of the transformers are made of aluminium or electrolytic copper with enamelled insulation or are Nomex coated according to the size of the conductor and the insulation voltage. The insulation between coils and layers takes place only with diamond paper which guarantees, following the firing of the winding itself, considerable mechanical resistance to electrodynamic stresses. The choice of the type of winding, whether helical or disk, is determined by the voltage and currents involved, by the mechanical and thermal stresses and by the specific customer requirements. For higher currents, windings are made with transposed cable or other specifically designed technical solutions.

The assembly is carried out in 16 independent workstations that allow the industrial production of transformers, allowing the product to be competitive and of the highest quality.

The systems for oil degassing, for drying and impregnation of the active part of the transformer under vacuum are automated and computer-controlled.