EBG. The Energy You Need

Manufacturing of cast resin, dry type and oil filled transformers.

EBG, a dynamic company

EBG S.r.l. is a company that specialises in the production of resin, air and oil transformers and reactors from 50 kVA up to 10,000 kVA, with insulation class up to 52 kV for the dry type and 145 kV (BIL 650) for oil-insulated transformers.

The company has important and consolidated experience in the sector. All the electrical and mechanical design is carried out in-house as is the case for the entire production of each component and part of the transformer and reactor including testing in the test room.

EBG also offers its customers a wide range of transformers and special reactors such as: Scott type transformers, autotransformers, converters, transformers for industrial furnaces, grounding and multi-voltage transformers, water-cooled transformers, pole transformers, short limiting reactors, neutral forming reactors, filter reactors, shunt reactors, smoothing reactors and detuning reactors for internal and external applications.



Distribution and special transformers and reactors

The EBG production is organised into two production plants which guarantee industrial layout and optimisation. The machinery and equipment used are state-of-the-art, favouring the reduction of production times but above all the high quality of the product created.

The carpentry is equipped with automatic laser cutting, 7 welding stations and a semi-automatic painting system for the production of internal requirements and in particular for construction of the oil containers for the transformer and the reactor. This allows extreme flexibility and competitiveness in the creation of special products.

The winding department is divided into two areas for the execution of low and medium voltage windings that can be produced both in copper and aluminium and of the following type: concentric, helical, with floats or disks with class A insulating materials (100° C) up to class N (200°C).

Production capacity is ensured by the presence of 16 distinct assembly stations, an automatic system for the treatment and filling of transformers and a test in the test room equipped with all the SIT-certified instrumentation.

Certified quality

EBG is ISO 9001-certified for the product and ISO 14001-certified for respect for the environment.

The company uses an Organisational Model in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 231 complete with the Company’s Code of Ethics and Supervisory Body. All EBG production is carried out in observance of a strict control of the incoming materials, process controls in the production cycle and final testing of the product, all respecting the health of the staff and of the environment.

Each product is verified and tested at our internal laboratory equipped with all SIT-certified instruments.
This has allowed us to obtain various certifications in different countries of Europe and worldwide resulting in the approval of special products such as: transformers for naval application (RINA, Lloyd Register, DNV, others) , installation within mines (ATEX) and within   areas with high seismic activity (IEEE, GOST).